Antarctic Values Survey [Chile]

A preliminary study of perceptions and values associated with the Antarctic in Chile and Australia funded by a University of Western Sydney Research Grant (2011). The study included surveys in Santiago and Punta Arenas (telephone) providing a preliminary map of citizens' perceptions and values of Antarctica, including the role of science and policy and the perception of Antarctica's futures.

Nightfall at Gaia - documentary film

A documentary film set in the year 2035 at Gaia International Antarctic Station which explores the last days of Xue - an astrophysicist isolated and in-communicated after a catastrophic event. The film reflects on the history of  the Antarctic and ponders about the future challenges of a fragile and rapidly changing continent through a speculative documentary-fiction narrative. In early development in 2013 - pre-production planned for late 2013.

Antarctic Cultural Futures Project

An interdisciplinary humanities & social sciences research project on Antarctic futures involving anticipatory anthropology, future geographies, science fiction studies, speculative ethnography and environmental geopolitics.

Futuring Antarctica


This site is a platform for a series of related projects developed by Juan Francisco Salazar at the University of Western Sydney.

Picturing Antarctica: emerging agendas for cultural research (2011-2012) was a seed research project developed at the Institute for Culture and Society, University of Western Sydney. The main interest is in conveying ways to formulate Antarctic research agendas in the humanities and social sciences that leads to a better understanding of how differing knowledge practices  shape  different visions of the future of the Antarctic. As part of this research project, a survey of public perceptions was conducted in  Chile with the aim of developing a preliminary map of what might be the most important values associated with the Antarctic for citizens in two cities (Santiago and Punta Arenas).


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