Audiences Research

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Online Survey

Integral to this project are a number of surveys. These include a Climate Change Online Survey of 2100 residents in Australia and the United States conducted in 2009, which explores participants’ levels of understanding of climate change, their interpretations of what this issue means, and what role they perceive the museum sector might take in relation to this issue. More specifically, the online survey is concerned with notions of responsibility for mitigating climate change, issues of government performance and policy initiatives, matters of community involvement in climate change issues and their current and potential involvement in policy development and decision-making; and questions about forms of knowledge around climate change. In particular, the survey is concerned with the positioning of museums and science centres in these landscapes. This survey is complemented by a series of smaller site-specific surveys conducted at the partnering institutions. These target both visitors and staff and canvas the same range of issues as the large survey. Together these data sets are to be compared and contrasted to contribute to an analysis of the positions of the partner institution’s stakeholders and input into investigations concerned with ascertaining, framing programming content and institutional positioning in relation to climate issues.


Focus Groups


Onsite Survey